2D Drafting

The process of creating and editing technical drawings in 2D is known as drafting and drawing.

3D Modeling

Modern 3D modeling offers a level of design depth that allows rough sketches to explore physical aspects of a design without succumbing to physical constraints.

Plotting and Scanning

A plot plan is an architectural drawing that depicts all of the major features and structures on a piece of land.

Walk Through

A walkthrough is an important step in the home construction process that allows the buyer, builder, and other key personnel to inspect the new home.Then, you work together to identify any improvements you want or need before the big move-in day.

Corporation Approval and DTCP Approval - eDCR

It is a new DTCP and CMDA application submission portal based on the new Tamilnadu Combined Development and Building Rules 2019, which is a newly introduced system for Plan Approval in DTCP and CMDA.


We are here to make the process as simple and transparent as possible.

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